In the beginning...I started up this site because I was looking for information on Screamin' model kits and found that there really wasn't that much (useful) information on the internet about them. I had started collecting Screamin' kits about two months before, unfortunately long after Screamin's heyday of the early 90's. Originally the site, then known as "Screamin' Fan", focused primarily on Screamin's 1/4 scale models, since that was what I was interested in, but branched out to encompass their 1/6 scale kits and later their whole line. Eventually, I decided to add the kits of Horizon and Geometric Designs, the two other "major" garage kit companies of the late 80's-early 90's garage kit boom. At this point site became "Figure Fan"/"Figure Fanatic" and then finally settled on the current name "Figure Dreams". I have most of Screamin's kits documented on the site, but I still have a ways to go in covering all of Horizon's and Geometric's kits.

About a year or two after starting the site I came to the realization that many modelers come to, which is "I'm running out of room and I'll never build all these models." My Screamin kits were some of the first on the chopping block, due to their large size.

Please don't use any of the photos I've taken to sell items on auction sites.

Much of my information has come from the web, magazines, and books, except what I've gotten from the kits I own. I've tried to list all the webpages I've used for sources and to give credit for images I've borrowed. If you find that some of my information is incorrect or incomplete feel free to email me and I'll fix it. Eventually I'll get the magazines listed here (maybe with a correct citation format too). -_-


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