Screamin' Other

In addition to their popular 1/4 and 1/6 scale kits, Screamin' produced and distributed numerous other kits.

Screamin' Queens

Originally five to six figures were planned in this series, but only four were officially mentioned (Cylena - Queen of the Night, Nova Scintilla - Queen of Outer Space, the Queen of the Dead, and the Queen of Swords). Cylena was the only one released (1997). The figure was a single piece made in cold-cast porcelain.

Mars Attacks!

Screamin' based this series of kits on a series of Topps trading cards issued in 1962. The kits were made in 1994-1995; around the same time Topps reissued the original cards and released new cards in the series. Later in 1996 the "Mars Attacks" movie was released. Richard Hammecher talks more about the Mars Attacks kits here.

Anime Kits

Sculpted by Jason "Spyda" Adams, this was going to be part of a 4 or 5 figure series. Only "Miko the Robot Killer" was produced.

Vacuu-formed Kits

These kits were distributed by Screamin' for Avalon Plastics in 1997. Several of the kits made it into production, including "Sweet Dreams" which debuted at Chiller Theatre '97.

Dr. Who Kits

These were produced by Coment Miniatures (based in the UK), and distributed by Screamin' in the US.





Dr. Who

MK1 Dalek

MK3 Dalek

Patrick Troughton

Tom Baker

Mars Attacks!

Air Assault Martian

Attacking Martian

Contemplating Conquest

Logo Plaque

Martian Portrait

No Place to Hide

Slaughter in the Streets

Target Earth

Terror in the Sky


Vacuuform Kits



Hellraiser Mystery Box


Red Dragon of Krynn