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New tutorial...sort of 
Wednesday, September 27, 2006, 06:08 PM
Added a second, albeit shorter part to the Thing Tutorial. You can find it here -> Thing Tutorial Pt. II

Revisions Again 
Sunday, September 24, 2006, 02:27 AM - News
Changed the site up again, this time to do away with the frame layout I've been plagued with for years. No content updates at this time, just cosmetic changes.

Up to nothing. 
Wednesday, September 13, 2006, 09:21 PM - News
Started playing silkroad online, wasted about 3 weeks of my life on that X_X. Now I'm back to playing battlefield 2 and star wars battlefront 2. I haven't really done any modeling at all in the past month...a tiny bit of sculpting and thats it.

monday monday... 
Monday, August 21, 2006, 11:42 PM - General
haven't done any modelling lately. A little sculpting and mostly wasting time on the computer. Started playing with google sketchup...

Friday, August 11, 2006, 11:30 PM - Tanks
little more work done

twin cats 
Thursday, August 10, 2006, 05:21 AM - Tanks
done some more work on the panthers. Got the decals on the 1/72, didn't turn out as well as I would have liked, guess i need to get some micro sol.

Finished Thing 
Saturday, August 5, 2006, 04:25 AM - Conversions
Wrapped this one up, just needs a dull cote and gloss on the eyes/mouth

Wednesday, August 2, 2006, 01:11 AM - Conversions
got the pants painted

drybrush city 
Tuesday, August 1, 2006, 08:08 PM - Conversions
Clear coated the thing and did a whole lotta dry brushing. his top is pretty much done, just eyes & mouth left. His bottom half is another story...still trying to get rid of a few seams.

Update part deux 
Saturday, July 29, 2006, 06:40 PM - News
Added some more stuff, notably most of the horizon dino's
The instructions i added last night were horizon punisher, the thing, spiderman, and one other that i can't remember at the moment. :|